Web Design

A website is the first point of contact between you and your customer; therefore, undoubtedly it has to be aesthetically impressive so that it can attract the customers. We are different from other design companies, we do not use mass produced templates instead we design your website from scratch custom built to suit your business. Not all businesses has the same needs for a website and we do not expect you to know the first thing about website design, that is what we are here for.

We have a team of artistic designers who will help you to develop a visually attractive website that is the right blend of text, graphics, and animations. By making use of the latest tools and techniques our main aim is to help you get a website that is user friendly and easy to use for customers and help you to get good business.

Web Development

Shudumo Technogies offers its clients website development services which help in transforming and enhancing the websites to be more attractive and appealing to the clients and stakeholders. Our professionals use advanced softwares and technology for transforming simple static websites into powerful applications oriented dynamic value centers. We ensure that we design websites that  act as an interactive and two-way communication and transaction medium between the organization and its target group, structured back-ends, database management techniques and easy-to-use customer interfaces are used.

Our professionals use the latest Microsoft Technology for building easy to implement and practical applications for our client’s websites. Different applications include Payment Gateways, Knowledge Management kits, Discussion Boards, Shopping Carts and Data Libraries. To meet the specific requirements of our clients, we can also offer customized solutions.

The varieties of sites we often develop include:

  • User login – registrations, passwords and personalised experience
  • Competitions, quizzes, polls and survey questionnaires
  • Catalogues or listing sites, shopping and secure order processing
  • Discussion forums and collaborative noticeboards
  • Integration and export from legacy systems




We have a vast experience in designing and building both standard and bespoke eCommerce solutions for retailers, charities, business-to-business organisations and everything in between.

E-Commerce websites allow you to sell your products and services online. It provides the prospective buyer an easy to use platform to view products and services using the Shopping cart system. In addition to this most good e-commerce sites will have the facility for a customer to create a User account, thus keeping track of their purchases and allowing for easy inventory.

Content Management System (CMS)

A CMS website is one where you the client can update the content of your website, for example you can upload images, videos, special offers anywhere at anytime. You will have a website login area provided to you to make any further changes you require.

We focus on providing technical development services including content management systems and database-driven websites to web design agencies and direct clients.

We provide:

  • Tailored content management systems based – CMS.
  • Complete website, microsite design and development.